One Dollar Curry
a film by Vijay Singh


One Dollar Curry... The Maharaja of Indian Cuisine...

        Nishan, a young Sikh, reaches Paris in search of political refuge. He has lost everything that he had possessed in his country, except his sense of humour and imagination. Is that why he lands in Paris with several colourful bottles called “Kamasutra Nandi Bull Oil” ?...

While Nishan is pondering over his prospects of survival, he is overwhelmed by the new world around him and the creative skills of his new friends. Fixer, the Caribbean, and Bale seem to have the most ingenious jobs : selling aphrodisiacs, giving “tantra” massages, editing the  local craze “The Kamasutra Times”… In contrast to this, Nishan’s choice is modest. He starts by selling cheap Indian food in Paris under Fixer’s guiding eye : the first recipe being the invention of fake credentials for the fake cook !  Soon, Nishan goes a step further and declares himself to be “The Maharaja of Indian Cuisine”. And so starts rolling Nishan’s kitchen on wheels called “One Dollar Curry”, with his inventive chicken curry and his eccentric look !

In the midst of such effervescence, Nishan meets Nathalie, a young TV journalist who is working on a documentary on immigration. Impressed by our enterprising Sikh, she offers him shelter to protect him from the hands of hooligans. But she also does this for a self- interest : a well-concocted film on the “legendary Chef” would get her a permanent job with a TV company. Spurred by Nathalie’s support, Nishan’s imagination reaches its flourishing
best : he cooks up an entirely new identity, stealing recipes, improvising dishes, inventing a fake lineage of Indian Chefs.. Nathalie and Nishan are thus all set to present François, a renowned TV producer, a perfect story without any loopholes. 

Just as Nathalie and Nishan are getting closer, Yamini, his stunning Indian fiancée, arrives in Paris. The young Kathak dancer sets off a chain of hurdles : Nishan finds himself trapped, François is under Yamini’s spell, Nathalie feels let down…A love triangle takes shape while Nishan is trying desperately to save his chef’s job…with his boundless imagination !