One Dollar Curry
a film by Vijay Singh


Brief excerpts from the reviews:

The Guardian
Bollywood on Seine  (in: The Guardian)

Paris sauce curry (in: Liberation)

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  • “This feel-good tale has several laugh-out loud moments and slips its lesson of tolerance into a palatable form that audiences can easily digest.” - Variety
  • “Genial tale of immigrant ingenuity and inter-racial idealism… consistently amusing.” - Empire
  • “Infinitely more subtle than the spate of recent British diaspora pictures, this likably low-key gem effortlessly combines European and Bollywood influences without lapsing into cliché or caricature.” - BBC Movies
  • “A light-hearted comedy. A tasty hors d’oeuvre.” - Derek Malcolm, The Evening Standard
  • “Subtle and entertaining treatment of serious topics of immigration and integration.” - BBC, Film 2005
  • Paris sauce curry, - Liberation
  • “Incredible talent…A stunning movie” - Jose Arthur, France Inter
  • “A tale with an exotic flavour overflowing with fantasy, humour, music - shot in a Paris hitherto unknown, where lives the Indian community” - Le Figaro
  • “This comedy full of fantasy recounts with humour the tribulations of a chakkarbaz (conman)” - Le Canard Enchaine
  • “Vijay Singh brings up the topics of immigration and integration in the most entertaining and surprising forms.” - L’Officiel des Spectacles
  • “This charming tale portrays, with tenderness and humour, the immigrant Indian community in Paris. It’s funny, unusual, full of colors, joy and music” - Figaroscope
  • “Many find the topic of immigration very sensitive and complex to treat. Vijay Singh proves its opposite by making One Dollar Curry, a sincere homage to this particular side of France..” - Le Figaro