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Producer's Statement

"On behalf of all my associates, I am delighted to present to you Vijay Singh's first feature film, Jaya Ganga (Jaya, Fille du Gange).  

Beautifully shot
on breathtaking locations along the River Ganges, right from its source in the Himalayas, admirably directed and acted, with a gripping storyline accompanied by lyrical and haunting scores, Jaya Ganga is a sensitive film with a tender soul. It touches, moves, mesmerises.

When Jaya Ganga premiered at the World Film Festival in Montreal in 1996 in the official competition category, the overwhelming response was most encouraging. Spurred in Canada by jam-packed halls and press enthusiasm, the film was then shown in several festivals worldwide.  

Jaya Ganga was shortlisted for the Prix Francois Chalais Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

It was first released in France in 1998, where it ran for almost a year. It was then released in India and in the UK, where it was shown on over 80 screens across the country.

Several years have passed since Jaya Ganga was first released, and it continues on its journey with regular screenings. A timeless film, it seems to flow with the times.

I have seen all the hard work that has gone into the film. I therefore take this opportunity to thank each and every one who has contributed to its success, and I hope that the film continues to flow, through screenings and shows, just like the River Ganges. "

Mandakini Narain

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