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Jaya Ganga: Press Reviews

UK Press Reviews

"A mermerising film..." The Guardian Guide

"Elegant novella of a film... made with seriousness and a pleasing and unaffected grace." Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"It's so refreshing when a gifted filmmaker introduces you to a new, intoxicating world that it's a pity if his film procures only the tiniest release." Jonathan Ross, BBC TV

"A magical and gorgeous-looking first feature..." The Daily Telegraph

"Wonderful scenery... and the tale itself is never less than fascinating. Fresh, complex and quite charming." Peter Preston, The Observer

"It's a mix of surrealism and realistic detail, tenderness and reality, quiet wit and poetry." The Times

"A romantic sensibility you seldom see today and a feeling for the mysteries of India that fortunately don't preclude a decent sense of humour." Derek Malcolm, Midweek

"Lavish and distinctive." Antonia Quirke, Independent on Sunday

"It looks like a dream..." Harpers & Queen

"The best film of the week.... a haunting experience that lingers long in the mind." Footloose

"Refreshingly different." What's on in London

"Magic realism with star crossed passion." Empire

"A dreamy, beautifully-lensed tale where characters spring to life with almost painful intensity." Variety

What other critics say about JAYA GANGA ...

"An atmospheric and beautifully-sustained love story on the Ganges". Derek Malcolm of The Guardian

"Dreamy, elegiac sensibility - matched by the cinematography and the soundtrack- which carry you along." Time Out, London

"A dreamy, beautifully lensed tale...(where) characters spring to life with almost painful intensity." Deborah Young, Variety (Complete Article)

"When the holiest of the holy rivers meets cinema, the result is sheer magic." Alain Corneau

"Love and Ganges - a beautiful journey of cinema" Jean-Claude Carrière

"A magnificent book of images." Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris

"We are ushered into the depths of an unknown world which is also our own." Le Figaro, Paris

"Breathtaking imagery, just as the stunning Zehra (the courtesan)..." L'Express

"A portrait of India... Life, death, horror, beauty - in other words, sheer poetry. Figaroscope, Paris

"Shunning clichés, mocking himself, Vijay Singh puts his name to a film where dream and reality mix harmoniously." La Vie, Paris

"The long journey down the Ganges, with its colourful interludes and mysterious encounters, is an enchantment, a poetic dream." Les Echos

"A fascinating travel film, dreamy and accessible." La Presse, Canada

"Wonderfully acted... with a sense of humour." Globe and Mail, Canada

"Poetic and magical." La Capital, Argentina

"(Vijay Singh shows) a grip over the medium that's remarkable in a directorial debut." The Times of India (complete article)

"Jaya Ganga is a film with a soul. A soul that holds a difficult subject together." The Outlook (complete article)

"An ode to love and reincarnation" India Today

"One of those rare films where nobody makes a bad move." The Pioneer

"Vijay Singh excels as a director in Jaya Ganga... a must see film that is a journey down the Indian heritage." The Asian Age

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